Lent [day 21]… [Friday, 4 March 2016]

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Lent [day 21]… [Friday, 4 March 2016]

Continued prayers today for Floyd and Sally [and the family]…

What a joy to be part of a global family of intercessors praying for Floyd…

Ten reasons I love my spiritual Papa…

10. He is the first person to call me a racist [it was such a shock – I had no clue] — this

was the first time we met at Lee College in 1978… He never gave up on me and never

stopped loving me [and he opened my eyes]… He ALSO NEVER STOPPED

challenging me — to love my enemies [even when that was not popular and everyone

else wanted to bomb them], to be more committed to the Kingdom of God [than to

America], to love the poor with passion and without apology and to pursue Jesus

[SIMPLY Jesus rather than dead religion]. He was committed to my growth and

development — he wanted me to be like Jesus!!!

9. At this same encounter [at Lee College] as I drove Floyd to the airport, he also

mentioned that I was proud, religious and was quite “full of myself”… It was a nice wake-

up call for me — a clueless sophomore in college… He never gave up on me and never

stopped loving me…

8. Floyd has NEVER lost track of me from this first inauspicious meeting — all through

the years [almost 40 of them] — cards, calls, notes, etc [from both Floyd and Sally]…

WOW!!! HOW??? WHY??? Must be the Jesus in them BOTH — we love you and


7. Floyd made time to come and visit… Nancy and I will never forget our Papa and

Gentle Giant rolling in the floor with our kids [Matt, Josh and James]…

6. The way Floyd taught, tutored and mentored me through all these years via visits,

calls and some of the BEST books ever written… He even shocked me by giving me the

privilege to read and make suggestions in the editing process for FOLLOW…

5. Floyd is THE best spiritual father and grandfather I know AND he taught me that the

Church is a SPIRITUAL FAMILY and it must be led and cared for by spiritual moms and

dads. He asked me to commit my life to becoming a spiritual father and grandfather

myself [and I am forever grateful that he did]!

4. When Floyd would visit, I loved the way he was MORE THRILLED with his spiritual

grandchildren [my sons and daughters] than he was with me! He was a proud Papa and

Grand Papa…

3. I will never forget the day Nancy told me that she had never met a man on earth who

was more like Jesus than Floyd! She simply said: “Floyd lives like Jesus!” WOW — we

all know Nancy is NOT easy to impress. From that moment on, I purposed to follow

Floyd as he followed Jesus and it has made me a better man…

2. Floyd gets more passionate about Jesus [and even more relevant in ministry] as he

grows older — he gives me HOPE that I can grow old and NOT become irrelevant…

Please join me in this prayer for me!!! I want to age with PASSION and RELEVANCE!!!

1. Floyd is THE most missional person I know… Want to hear something AMAZING?

When he returned from a recent trip to a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, he was so

pumped and SO WAS I… All Nations missionaries had witnessed Holy Spirit draw 200

families to Jesus [in the refugee camp] and 70 simple churches had been planted [in the

refugee camp]!!! WOW!!!

Floyd and Sally [and family] — Nancy and I [and our family and spiritual family] are

praying for you and LOVE YOU!!!

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