Lent [day 19]… [Wednesday, 3 March 2016]

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Lent [day 19]… [Wednesday, 3 March 2016]

Today, please read and meditate on Jesus’ story of the Good Samaritan [in Luke 10.25-37]…

Note especially Jesus’ final words: the one who truly loved his neighbor was “the one who had mercy…”

I love what Stephen Macchia says: “Mercy’s best descriptors are compassion, kindness, forgiveness, forbearance, favor, charity and blessing. Mercy is most extended toward those who don’t deserve it, but who are in desperate need of it. To be merciful is to be willing to extend an embrace of love EVEN WHEN it’s inconvenient to do so [and isn’t showing lavish mercy usually always inconvenient?]. To love God is to love mercy. For when we were most desperate, we received his overflowing mercy…”

How are we doing with mercy today?

Are we mercy-fatigued?

Have we received mercy well and have plenty of mercy-reserves to invest in others?

Are we willing to be inconvenienced TODAY to manifest mercy?

Are we listening to Holy Spirit for mercy opportunities — kairos moments to lavish mercy on others?

Do people see in us as Jesus followers an overflowing repository of mercy?

Be sensitive to Holy Spirit NOW and discern who around you needs to be spiritually bathed in MERCY — it may even be YOU?


Please share this post with your Oikos!

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