Lent [day 16]… [Saturday, 27 February 2016]

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Lent [day 16]… [Saturday, 27 February 2016]

I am so excited about worshiping with many of you TONIGHT @ 6 pm @ Cornerstone…

Don’t miss my interview with the Valentine’s Day Outreach Team during the sermon… Hear also of our plans for Easter Sunday @ Unity Park…

Please read Luke 4.14-28 and Isaiah 61.1-2 in preparation for tonight…

Ask the question: what did Jesus leave out when he quoted Isaiah and WHY? What was his meaning?

How does Jesus give us a clearer FOCUS on Abba?

What caused the rage in the crowd?

How does this relate to us?

What TENSIONS does this passage offer to us and why is it healthy for us to engage this tension?

Jesus bottom line was FAVOR — what does that mean?

Is our bottom line FAVOR [or vengeance]???

I will share some of my thoughts tonight…


Please share this post with your Oikos!

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