Lent [day 15]… [Friday, 26 February 2016]

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Lent [day 15]… [Friday, 26 February 2016]

Today was a food fast day — specifically praying and fasting for Floyd’s healing and Sally’s comfort…

Fasting works for me…

I love food, so, when I get hungry [and I get hungry often — ha ha!!!] — my attention turns to the FOCUS of my food fast…

Needless to say, my heart has been joined with Floyd and Sally all day today — constant prayers heading to South Africa via Jesus!!!

Fasting draws us into deeper intimacy with Jesus and the one[s] we are interceding for…

My heart is overflowing with love tonight…

I am so thankful that so many of you are praying [and fasting] right along with me for Floyd [and Sally]…

Here is the latest update..

Dear Friends,,

Thanks for your prayers for Floyd. It has been quite a day. I arrived at the hospital today to find people rushing all around caring for him. His heart rate had suddenly spiked to near 200 because of the infection. They were trying to bring it down, and prepping him to use the paddles for electric shock to bring the heart back into a normal rhythm.

When they did that, it came lower……but they’ve been still trying to get it to normalize. They said the infection is ravaging his body on so many levels because of the septic shock.

They did more tests, added medicines…….and finally felt they had some answers around mid-day. It’s a particular staph infection deep in the muscle of the thigh on both sides called myocitis. They adjusted the antibiotics and have hope that this will kill it. They explained that the next 48 hours are crucial! Please keep praying.

He had a couple peaceful hours, and then his heart rhythm started going all over the place again. It will probably keep fluctuating while we wait for the medicines to work. The nurses told me they are very worried – we just have to keep praying.

I finally came home to rest, but they will call me if anything changes.

Floyd has been mostly “out of it” from all the medication, but right before they shocked him he grabbed my hand and said we have to pray. He prayed…….and asked the Lord to preserve his life. It’s the only clear thing he’s said all day. I felt it came from the depth of his soul – God moving him in clear prayer. It touched me deeply. I thought I might be watching my husband die, but in that moment faith rose in my heart afresh thru Floyd’s prayer!

Everything is still very vulnerable during these next 48 hours. Thank you for standing with us. I, or Floyd’s assistant Julie will communicate with you as we have news.

With love,



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