DR- Day 3 & 4- Bob and Cindi Marshall

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Yesterday (Monday) we spend the day preparing for the first night a of the new Bible School class which began last night.  It was a long day which concluded with a nice quite dinner with Cindi, I, Barb and Rick at 10:30 pm.  We missed dinner at the hotel so we went to a local restaurant.  What great time of sharing with them.  They are such special people.


Cindi and Barb putting together lesson 1.


Rick and I hooking up the A/V
Class in progress
Class in progress
The Holy Spirit Showed up and the room came alive with praise and worship.
Cindi and I with Pastora Nieves. Some of our support to the Sucher’s goes to fund her ministry position.


Tuesday was wet with sweat!! Bob worked with a young man named Daniel to replace electrical in the new Children’s Center in Los Pedros. I spent time with the children drawing, coloring, etc… With the power going off at 1:00, this meant no fans in the afternoon and you are sweating buckets.

Bob and Daniel getting it done.

Got to love working up against these tin roofs.  At least it was a cool 95 today.

Cindi and her girls.
If motorcycles weren’t enough you have to watch out for the cows on the street too!
Hum which wire is it?
Typical walk path through Los Pedros. Talk about zero lot line construction.  You can’t even imagine you have to experience it to believe it.


Please share this post with your Oikos!

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