DR- Day 1- Bob and Cindi Marshall

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DRthepointGood morning from The Point. We got off to a good start yesterday. We visited the building that will house the new bible school that starts this Monday night.  It’s located across the street from Buen Samaritano. Then went by pastor Willie’s Mission Esperanza and dropped in on their weekly children’s program where the Holy Spirit was at work amongst them. We also looked at the work to be done this week on building for the new children’s center.  It’s next door to pastor Willie’s church.  Perfect location as he and Pastora Isabel have such incredible hearts for the children. After dinner with Rick, Barb and family we worked for a few hours recovering chair seats for the bible school.

Today, we are going to Church by the Sea for morning worship and Buen Samaritano for evening worship.  In between, we will visit Redemption Village and gather supplies for installing new electrical in the Children’s Center Building.

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